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Investing is a crucial skill for anyone who wants to build wealth, but unfortunately it can be quite confusing at first. Are you struggling with investment decisions or don't know where to start learning? This book completely breaks down the mindset, strategies and skills needed to be a successful investor, helpful for investors of any skill level, beginner or expert.  To put the icing on the cake - this book is written in partnership with a financial journalist! Bradley Calleja of Calleja Capital is featured in this book and provided an in-depth explanation of how to conduct fundamental analysis and determine if something is a good investment. This book is value packed and is a steal for only $10.99!


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Instagram As a Business

Instagram has been blowing up recently and has become a viable way to create a stream of income and start a business. The hardest part of it all is growing a following, and many people seem to want to cut corners and end up falling into traps. Entrepreneur Motivations is someone who was a complete beginner when he started Instagram in March of 2018, and it took him months of experimenting to find strategies that work. Instead of spending your valuable time trying to figure out how to grow your account, get them ALL  NOW! Get Entrepreneur Motivations' Ultimate Instagram Growth and Monetization Guide for everything you need to know to be successful on Instagram. From tips and tricks to effective monetization methods, this book has it all. It doesn't take too much time to build an account either, Entrepreneur Motivations built his account while still in SCHOOL at the age of 16. This just goes to show that with a little dedication, anyone can be successful on Instagram.


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